We’ve all heard it said before that “it takes a village” - this our Spotlight Village. Our staff are not only highly skilled and talented, but they are also passionate about people and so great at believing and expecting the best for them.


Sarah Darby

  • Owner of Destiny Studio

  • Passionate About People and Their Stories 

  • Degree in Commercial Music from Belmont University 

  • Over 7000 hours of Vocal Coaching 

  • Highly Trained Vocalist with 20 years of performing experience

  • Challenging and Devoted Mentor 

  • Fearless Entrepreneur 


Shelby Smith

  • Creative Director of Destiny Studio

  • Passionate About Helping Artists Discover and Develop Their True and Full Potential 

  • Degree in Education and Music from Southwestern AG University 

  • 16 Years of Performance Experience 

  • Completed 3 Personal Music Projects

  • Active Songwriter and Performer 

  • Storyteller 


luke Johnson

  • Founder of Ship Shape Music

  • Passionate About Helping Artists Find Their Unique Sound 

  • Degree in Business Marketing from UT Austin McCombs School of Business 

  • 12 Years of Performance Experience 

  • 3000+ Hours of Audio Production Experience

  • Front Man For Life After Youth