Student Feature: Samantha Zetnick



 Hi I am Samantha! I told Sarah this story of what happened to me a few weeks ago and she wanted me to share it with ya'll. This is a prime example of why a musician should always be prepared to perform no matter what! :)

 A few weekends ago I had gotten home from guitar/voice lessons and I went straight to bed. I turned my phone off and fell asleep for several hours. Suddenly around 7:00 my dad came into my bed room and handed his phone to me. It was my best friend's mom. Her and her husband were up at Fat Daddy's and there was a singing contest going on that she thought I'd be interested in. I simply told her I was napping and I woudn't be able to come. The phone call ended and I went back to sleep. Next Kalee, my best friend called and tried to persuade me to go up there, too, it was a one time deal and I could get something out of it. I told her no, and right after that her dad called. He urged me to come perform but this time I was told all of the details. There was only one other person in the contest, it was for 106.9 The Ranch Radio station, you had to have 3 songs perpared, you had to be 18 (but they were going to lower the age limitation for me), and you could win $100. They desperately needed another contestant. I finally gave in. I hopped out of bed, put on something decent on, put some makeup on my face, figured out a quick style for the bird's nest of hair on my head, and picked out 3 karaoke mixes that I knew would be good for the setting and that I knew the lyrics by heart. All of this was done in 15 minutes or less. I had to be there by the time the other performer finished his last songs. I scrambled out the door and did voice warmups on the car ride there. I got there right at the end of his song, thank goodness. I gave them my track, got up there, and gave it all I had. It went really well! Later I found out that because I wasn't 18, even though they said they would, they weren't allowed to lower the age limit. But this wasn't dissappointing. The whole point was that I love to sing, I love music, and because that's what I want to do when I grow up and it was really good publicity. I met a woman named Rachel T. Stacey from the radio station and we discussed a bit about music too. It was nice to meet those people and to know that there are avenues out there we, as musicians, just have to continue to strive for our goals and we'll reach them. That night was a wonderful life lesson and I learned some tips that I can use in the future and that you can use too:

1. Always have at least 3-5 good upbeat songs on hand that you know the lyrics to and that are good for open mic nights and other oppertunities.

2. Have a quick 10 minute getting ready routine!

3. Just remember it's not about the things you win from the last minute experience but the knowledge you gain from it!:)    


Good luck!

Samantha Zetnick

15 years old, Mansfield