First ever! studio session: Songwriting


For a while, we have been in the process of developing some practical workshops and programs for students who want to take their skills to the next level.  I'm so excited to let you know that our first "studio session" is around the corner!  This first program is all about songwriting.  Start to finish, how to write a song that you can be proud of. 

To ensure a beneficial and productive experience for all, this first Studio Session is limited to ages 13-18.  Since participants will be working in groups, we know that you need to share similar life experience.  In the near future, we will be offering a program for adults and even kids, too!

So what can you expect to learn?  Great question.  SO MUCH!  For starters:

  • Lyric writing: what to write about and how
  • Common song elements (verse, chorus, bridge) and how to use them
  • Melody writing: how to create strong and memorable melodies
  • Common chord progressions and understand how to write your own
  • Understanding meter, rhyme scheme, phrasing and dynamics
  • How to write collaboratively
  • Copyright and publishing: How do I get paid?!

One of our guitar instructors, Clint Biggs, will be faciliating this course, and assisted by other Destiny Studio staff.  In addition to awesome course content, participants will have the opportunity to interact with Nashville songwritiers via Skype! (Thanks Belmont connections!) The series will end with a Writers Showcase for students to perform their original songs for family and friends!

We are real excited about this and encourage you to regisgter ASAP!  This course is limited to 12 students, so get busy!

To register, Call the studio at 817.453.2200 or email