Kidd Kraddick Presents... ROCK CAMP!


















We found another exciting summer opportunity for our young performers!

Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is hosting another Rock Camp this year and is looking for campers! 3-5 performers will be chosen to form a band that will be on the show for one week, work with celebrity coaches and the Rock Camp staff and then perform live! Here are a few facts:

  1. Must be a singer or musician between 10-15 years old
  2. Must be available for live auditions July 18 and the full week of camp beginning July 24. (Additional events may be required the following week.)
  3. Shoot a 2 minute audition video and tell them about all of your abilities (other instruments, songwriting, etc.
  4. Upload your video to YouTube and fill out your entry forms (including the video link). The deadline is July 8.

Check out the website to enter:

Alright, Destiny Studio performers, do your thing and show them how it's done! (Also, previous celebrity coaches have been Fefe Dobson and even JUSTIN BIEBER! Are you sold on it yet?)