The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: close to home

This is a more personal blog than our usual posts about special events, contests, shows, etc.  But it's an important one, and I hope you'll take a few minutes to read and consider.

Five years ago, my life was forever changed when I was diagnosed with cancer (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) at the age of 23.  I had just graduated from Belmont University and was pursuing a career in the music industry in Nashville.  My adult life was just beginning when it was so rudely interrupted! Lost the hair and the whole bit.  It was yucky.  But like only God can do, I sailed through the ordeal and came out strong and victorious!  Though I was 700 miles from home, I had the best doctor and hospital (Vanderbilt), most amazing friends and roommate (bless her heart! who graduates from college and thinks they're going to be a caregiver to a cancer patient?!) and the sweetest church family (Christ Church).  God was so good to me.

Another important bit to this story is that when I was a little girl, my mom and dad both battled the same disease.  It's bizarre and no one understands how or why that happened, but it did... and we are ALL survivors.  That's even crazier to me-- that 3 out of 3 lived to tell about it! As the years have passed, I have seen so very many stories end differently.  I'm infinitely grateful for my life and for the health of my mom and dad.

This year, my mom celebrates being cancer-free for 20 years!  It's a big milestone and we are so proud and excited for her.  In celebration and in honor of what God has done in our family, she is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by training for and participating in the Nike Women's Half-Marathon in San Fransisco.  The event is in October and she needs to raise $2,000 more before September 1.  I know she can do it and WE are going to help send her!  

So here's the challenge-- everyone that donates $25 or more to her campaign will be entered to win one month of free tuition (up to $125)!  The drawing will be on August 31st.  

Thank you so much for your support. The LLS is a wonderful organization and has helped me tremendously over the years.  They financially support patients and families and have been incredibly instrumental in improving treatment for blood cancer patients.  

Much Love.

Sarah Darby (& family)


this was me at my yuckiest-- the last day of treatment! december 31, 2007