more than music // part 1

When I decided to move back to Texas from Nashville, Tennessee in 2008, I knew that I wanted to begin teaching and coaching singers, but had no idea if or how it would really materialize.  I wanted to use the amazing education that I received at Belmont University + I love people + I love teaching.  It was clearly a win for me all the way around. However, I had no idea that these voice lessons would go beyond teaching vocal technique and correcting pitch problems and planning cute recitals.  In just a few months, Destiny Voice & Music Studio was born and I realized quickly that this was so much bigger than I imagined. It was evident that God had given me the greatest opportunity to not only develop singers, but to develop people. 

In this blog series, I'll share what I've seen over and over in the last five years,  and why I believe voice & instrumental lessons are about so much more than music.  

1. Communication Skills:   There is an obvious weakness for most young people in the area of verbal communication.  With the massive increase in technology use at an early age, kids are more introverted than ever and many are very uncomfortable interacting with adults.  You’ve seen it and are probably just as alarmed as I am.  One of my favorite things about spending one-on-one time with kids and young adults is working with them to express themselves in words.  The Destiny Studio instructors don’t just talk at them-- we ask questions and wait for responses.  It’s a safe place for all of our students to be heard and understood. Many families are so busy today that they don’t have 30 or 60 minutes alone with their child to communicate about anything, so these private lessons are a sacred time and we take that investment opportunity so seriously! While we’re working hard at becoming a better singer or musician, we’re also working hard at becoming great communicators and listeners.  It has been an incredible joy to watch extremely shy / anxious / introverted people (of all ages) completely come alive as we work together!  

Stayed tuned for part 2!


{Sarah Darby is the owner of Destiny Voice & Music Studio and is passionate about developing people through music.}