Q: What is the best age to start lessons?

A: Of course there are exceptions to every "rule," but suggested starting ages are as follows:
Voice - 6-7 years old
Piano - 5 years old
Guitar - 8-10 years old
Drums - 6-7 years old


Q: What do I pay if I start lessons in the middle of the month?

A: Tuition is prorated for the first month. You only pay for the lessons remaining in that month.


Q: What do I need to bring to my first lesson?

A: Come prepared to sing (or play)!  You can bring a song on an ipod/CD that you would like to sing along to or sing something a capella (without music).  Instrumental students, if you're comfortable, show us what you know how to play.


Q: What happens if I have to miss a lesson?

A: Students are allowed one make-up lesson per month.  We appreciate a 24-hour notice if a lesson must be cancelled.


Q: Is there a contract or registration fee?


A: There is neither! Your commitment is on a month-to-month basis.

Q: Do you provide performance opportunities?

A: We love to provide as many opportunities as we can for students to grow and practically apply what they are learning in lessons. Throughout the year we have showcases, camps and workshops to attend. Visit our Events page for our upcoming events!


Q: Can I sit in on my child's lesson?


A: Parents are alway permitted however it is not preferred. Students respond better to instruction without the added pressure of a parent in the room.

Q: Do you work with bands, too?

A: Absolutely. Contact the studio to find out how you can have an instructor work with your band on a one-time or regular basis.


Q: Where can I find accompaniment tracks or sheet music?

A: There are several websites where music can be purchased and downloaded.  iTunes is usually a reliable source for karaoke tracks.