Mini Music

In addition to private voice & music lessons, we offer early childhood music classes for little ones ages 9 months to 4 years and their parent or caregiver!  Watch the video for a peek inside our class!  We are proud to use the Music Pups® curriculum, a program from The Music Class®.
(Music and Curriculum for Music Pups® created by The Music Class®. All rights reserved.)


Fall 2018 SCHEDULE

Wednesday & Thursday
9am | 10am 


Classes are 40-minutes and packed with songs, instruments, balls, puppets, plus socialization and wonderful memories for parents and their little ones! 

Pricing for mini music is $149 for 10 week session and $125 for siblings over 9 months. Siblings under nine months are free.! Class tuition includes app access to the streaming library of the entire collection of songs (nearly 40 songs!) to play in the car or at home. 

To register - email or call 817.453.2200 

Our Mini Music class is designed to stimulate growth and development during the most formative years of life. Our class supports music education and early childhood development in the following ways:

·         Basic knowledge of music theory (reading music!)

·         Ability to find their singing voice & ability to keep a steady beat

·         Introduction to musical instruments

·         Cultivating creativity through songwriting

·         Developing communication skills even before language is developed

·         Socialization with other toddlers and preschoolers


Read this article in TIME magazine to find out why parent/child music classes are instrumental in developing calm and well-adjusted babies and toddlers.



What moms are saying:

"Aubrey loves Mini Music! It is cultivating in her a love and knowledge of music at a young age. She gets up every day wanting to sing the songs we've learned in class, and she enjoys every instrument!"

- Hollie.

"What a fun class, the instructors really take the time to get to know your child. They are so sweet and my daughter loves running around the house singing all the songs she learned."

- Brandi

My daughter and I love coming to Mini Music. Sadie is learning how to follow rhythms and sing songs; now she loves to sing in the car, the bath, just about anywhere. Her favorite part of class is playing the instruments, I think we have a future drummer!

- Sara