How old were you when you started your musical journey?
I have always sung since I was a little girl. Like every second of the day. Literally. But began lessons freshman year of high school at Destiny! Both voice and guitar. Later joined choir at Mansfield High my sophomore year!

What instruments do you play?
Voice, guitar, and piano!

What's your favorite Netflix show to binge watch? Tbh. I watch trash, reality tv. Lol. and also sooooo many crime shows! They're my jam!

Favorite artists from your childhood?
T-Swift, duh. And THE DIXIE CHICKS!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A music teacher (livin the dream)!! But would possibly like to also do something else creative involving art, specifically in makeup. 

What are you passionate about?
I love Inductive Bible Study Methods, I can get real geeky about it. I love makeup; it's a creative outlet for me. & I specifically love teaching voice. My music teachers have made a huge impact on my life, and I love doing the same in working with my own students now. To back that as well, I reallly loved learning about Vocal Pedagogy in college!!

Where did/do you go to college?
Dallas Baptist University! I had a crazy, wonderful experience there.

Tell us a random fact/funny story about yourself.
I don't have many that I can think of, but an embarrassing/ funny moment that I had in college was blacking out and fainting during the middle of our varsity choir performance. We were singing The Hallelujah Chorus in front of probably 100ish people. It was a moment for the books! Hah!